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FAQ on your Wedding Hair and Makeup look

So not sure about your wedding hair and makeup look just yet? Hopefully we can help you along with our FAQ section!

I need some ideas on wedding day hairstyles?
Start by taking a look at online hair galleries for some ideas (search Google images for ‘bridal hair’). Start collecting pictures from magazines.  But remember the style you love may need to be adapted to suit the hair you have.

Hair up or down?
The most important thing is to choose a style that will suit your face shape and work from there. Round faces suit high “up do’s” and sleek long styles, while long faces may suit styles that have more width and volume. Would you be comfortable with all your hair pulled away from your face? Maybe consider having some hair up and some down, or leaving some hair around you face to soften the overall look? 

Hair curly or straight?
Curls can look gorgeous – soft and romantic – as are pleats, twists, plaits and variations to the bun. Or perhaps you prefer more contemporary spikes and twists? Whatever you like, it is important that you try to reflect your personality through your bridal hairdo. Tiaras and veils – if you choose to wear one – should compliment your hairstyle, not hide it. If you have chosen a large floor-length veil, your hairstyle needs to be sturdy enough to hold its shape. Some veils look much better sat at the back of the head under a mass of curls or a bun. As a general rule though, hair shouldn’t be worn longer than the veil.

Should I wear beads, jewels and flowers in my hair? 
These are always popular as they add extra sparkle and colour and can tie in with your colour scheme and jewellery. Pins and hairgrips with sparkling gems in the ends have a stunning effect, whilst small flowers can be scattered amongst curls.

What kind of wedding hair and makeup look should I choose?
Your makeup should be an enhanced version of what you might normally wear. For example, if you usually go for the natural look, stick to natural colours but slightly bolder. Above all, you should feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy every aspect of your wedding day.
For your Hair there is no rule or boundary – working with your artist can help point you in the right direction depending on your face shape x


Will my makeup last if I cry?!
You may shed a tear or two on your big day as it’s such an emotional occasion, so waterproof mascara is a must! There’s some fabulous long lasting make-up around at the moment, which will minimise the number of touch ups you’ll need to make during the day.

Does a healthy glow look best?
Whilst there are some lovely shine products available to give your skin that flattering, dewy complexion, be very careful where you use them. In photographs it is easy to mistake a glow for perspiration which obviously isn’t a good look!  If you are applying a highlighter, stick to brow bones, cheekbones and a dab in the middle of your lips. If you are wearing a low cut dress, add a little extra on your décolletage.

How do I make my lipstick last as long as possible?
Apply a lip primer first to even out the surface of your lips and get rid of any flaky skin. It’s recommended to apply concealer next and let it dry – this gives a good base and evens out your skin tone. Then line your lips with a lip pencil before filling in with the pencil again. Finally on top of this apply your lipstick. Blot with a tissue and reapply your lipstick – repeat this twice. Now your lipstick should stay on all day. 

Are there special eyeshadow techniques that will enhance my eye shape?
To lift your eyes, apply a highlighter just below your brow bone. If you have small eyelids, apply the highlighter just in the centre of the eyelid and add a dark brown shade in the eyelid crease – this will lift your eyes. To make your eyes look wider, blend the highlighter into the inner corner of each eye.

Are your products allergy tested?
All the products used are tested first to determine the potential to cause an allergic response. These products are also tested for irritancy.  In your trial we will carry out tests on all the products you wish to use to make sure you are not exposed to any irritations or unknown allergies.

Do you use professional make-up/hair products? Our makeup kits are full of MAC, CK, Bobbi Brown, Pro Makeup, Estee Lauder, and other leading professional brands, including a large variety of professional synthetic and natural hair makeup brushes. These are cleaned after each client.  Strict hygiene practices are maintained and disposable applicators are used where necessary. Hair products include Toni & Guy, Wella and L’Oreal.

When should I have a pre-wedding day trial?
We can arrange your trial as soon as you have decided on your dress, colour scheme and any other details that are important to you. Having your trial as soon as you have decided to have a makeup/hair artist is another thing ticked off your to-do list! If you’d prefer, you can have your trial nearer to your wedding, we recommend leaving it no later than 6 weeks before your big day to make sure we can find your perfect wedding hair and makeup look xx

Do you have insurance?
I am fully insured with Professional Beauty Direct.